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29 November Happy Sint Pannekoek!

The 29th of November it is a party once again! Just like last year, we will be celebrating Sint Pannekoek with everybody starting at 19:00, with lots and lots of pancakes and friends! Please give us a heads up if you like to join (so we can go grocerie shopping only once :)) on to our Slack or IRC.

Last year we baked pancakes for about 4 hours, Everyone really enjoyed eating pancakes and placing pancakes over their heads. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Well, it’s a very old Rotterdam tradition and we’d like to celebrate it by basically eating lots of pancakes. Yep. It’s the best tradition there is. And nobody will ever change our tradition.


PS: help baking pancakes is very welcome!

Join NodeSchool #9 and win a ticket to AmsterdamJS!


It’s been a while, but we’re back! Our space had some renovation, which now allows us to do a workshop downstairs and a freeform upstairs if you want.


Instead of creating a traditional API using REST (a way to create a webserver and serve data to a website), we’ll be looking at GraphQL. This is a technology that has been picked up by larger companies, which allows you to do actual quering of your data.

Don’t worry if you didn’t really get that! We’ll be able to help everyone out, whether you’re a beginning with programming or somebody that already start doing NodeJS development.


Want to show of your project? Or need help with your project? It doesn’t need to be related to GraphQL - but that would be nice. Talk, learn and do projects with others.

Check the site for more information: nodeschool.io/rotterdam

RSVP on meetup.com

Going next level PARTY on 14 April

It’s finally ready you guys: our first floor! And we’re celebrating this by throwing a party… a next level partehhhh.

Never been to our space? No problem! You are more then welcome. We have beer and some snacks, and if you have friends, then they’re welcome too. And don’t forget to bring your cyber too.

In other news, if you haven’t heard about our latest situation in the space, please check: https://donorbox.org/pixelbar

Come celebrate the 1st floor with us.

PS: only nice and friendly people allowed.

RSVP HERE!!!111!one!!einz!!1eleven!!

Open Doors Day 2018
( 31 March 2018 )

On Saturday 31’st of March Pixelbar will open it’s doors again to the public. Ofcourse we are not the only one to have an open doors day. Almost all dutch hackerspaces will have their doors open to the public.

From 11:00 until at least 17:00 you can visit us! We will show off our projects, and might even invite you to do some soldering, programming or hacking ;). If you have your own small project, bring it! there is plenty of room in our hackerspace to work on projects!

In the evening there might be some participants left, so don’t hesitate to drop by if you dont make it before 17:00. Just check our website for the current spacestate!

No need to sign up, just come by at our space. You can find us in the Keilewerf.

Do you want to visit other hackerspaces too? Check out the Dutch hackerspaces site.

Want to help out with this open doors day ? that’s possible too! just sign in at the Pixelbar Wiki ( Spacenet account required ).

Nederlandse Tekst

Op Zaterdag 31 Maart zal er bij Pixelbar een open dag gehouden worden. Natuurlijk is Pixelbar niet de enige hackerspace die een open dag houdt! Bijna alle Nederlandse hackerspaces doen mee. Je kunt hier dus ook gerust eens een kijkje nemen.

Vanaf 11:00 tot op zijn minst 17:00 zijn we open. We proberen wat projecten te laten zien, en we hebben natuurlijk plaats genoeg om zelf ook eens de soldeerbout ter hande te nemen. Programmeer je liever? geen probleem! we hebben WiFi. Als je aan een eigen project wilt werken is dat natuurlijk ook mogelijk.

S’avonds zullen er mogelijk ook nog een aantal deelnemers in de hackerspace zijn. Mocht je het dus niet redden om voor 17:00 langs te komen, geen probleem!. Kijk gewoon even op onze website naar de spacestate om te zien of we nog open zijn.

Inschrijven is niet nodig, val gewoon binnen. We zijn te vinden in de Keilewerf.

Mocht je meer informatie willen, of een andere hackerspace willen bezoeken. Neem dan zeker een kijkje op de Nederlandse hackerspaces site.

Als je er heel veel zin in hebt, en zelfs mee wilt helpen, dan is dat natuurlijk ook mogelijk! schrijf je in dat geval even in op de Pixelbar Wiki ( Spacenet account required ).

HackerHotel 2018
( 16 Februari - 18 Februari )

After 2 previous editions, HackerHotel will be back again in 2018. This year Pixelbar will join this awesome hacking/security conference with around 10 participants.

HackerHotel is an event which not only hosts technical and informational talks, but there will also be some space to hack around a bit with led panels, arduino’s, lockpinging, soldering, programming,… you name it.

One of our members (Miep) is even having a talk about decryption of ssl traffic. You could say, Pixelbar is surely to be found at the event!

Will we see you there? We’ll bring stickers!

More information on the event website : HackerHotel.nl