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Frequently Asked Questions

As we have noticed lately, there are some basic questions almost everyone we meet has. Therefor, we came up with this page. We will try to answer some questions we got so you dont have to ask them. If you feel something is missing over here, please let us know via the chat, e-mail or in person when you visit Pixelbar

Questions about membership

Q: Can I visit Pixelbar before I decide to become a member?
A: Yes, Please do so! we encourage everyone to at least once visit Pixelbar before deciding to become a member. You might get a taste of the hackerspace when visiting, meet the other hackers and maybe even drink a Club-Mate with us.

Q: If i want to unsubscribe as a member because of $insert reason here$, are there any constraints ?
A: No! the only reason for the membership is, we also need to pay rent, we give out keys and have other perks for guys ( and girls ) who are registered as member. We will ask you not to change your subscription every month because there is some administration involved for us, and like you, we also like to hack stuff most of the time.

Q: I am under 18, can i still become a member ?
A: Yes, you can become a member. The only reason the “Are you over 18” question is on our form is simply because of responsibility. At Pixelbar we have big machinery and other tools like soldering irons available. If you are under 18, there will always have to be an adult person around for you to operate the big machines. We will happily invite you over and talk about the responsibilities which work both ways.

Q: Do i need to have minimal skills for joining Pixelbar?
A: No. Pixelbar is just a please where we learn things by doing it. Even if you never touched an Arduino, Written a “Hello World” program or soldered some electronic parts together you are very welcome to learn to do so. People learn from doing stuff. We are happy to help you if you’re stuck on something.

Q: How can i transfer money to Pixelbar to support you guys?
A: After we confirm your membership, you can create a monthly transfer for your contribution to our account. Our accountnumber is : NL55INGB0006918331. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at bestuur@pixelbar.nl

Questions about Pixelbar

Q: I have noticed Pixelbar is not open always, Can we change anything about that ?
A: Yes you can! If you become a Full Member one of the perks is receiving a key to the hackerspace so you can hack whenever you want. Just one small sidenote, we still have no private front-door. This is still a work in progress for now.

Q: I’m visiting from really really far away. Can i sleep at Pixelbar?
A: No, The fire brigade wont let anyone sleep inside the building. The building is safe, but with all the tools and materials around we dont want to risk anybody getting hurt when sleeping inside Pixelbar.

Q: Everything you write is in english. Is this the primary language at Pixelbar?
A: No. Our website is written in english for readability by everyone. Rotterdam is an international city. We have members from multiple nationalities. We talk Dutch most of the time, but you also might hear some German or other languages when you are around.

Q: I have an assignment and i want Pixelbar to help me with it
A: No! At Pixelbar we have no interest in doing commercial assignments or fixing your homework. If you have specific questions and are willing to take a deep dive in to the knowledge yourself we will happily help you! it’s just, we have no interest in mass production or beeing there as a helpdesk for basic issues.